LEAF XCEED Music Division

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Name: Ramon Roberto T. Nario
Birthday: February 14, 1993
Country: The Philippines
E-Mail: rtnario@yahoo.com.ph
Other Websites: Facebook, SoundCloud, YouTube ( Artist ), YouTube ( Label ), Bandcamp, Last.fm ( Artist ), Last.fm ( Label ), Newgrounds Audio

Once upon a time in 2008, I wanted to pursue something further than simply composing MIDIs on NoteWorthy Composer. I wanted something more real, more tangible, and something that I could present upon the world as my expression of music in the form of original compositions and remixes. I wanted a way to make all the music that my physical self wouldn’t have been able to accomplish on his own.

I was not a metal band.

I wasn’t an orchestra, either.

With the advent of synthesized music however — I became both.

From 2008 to 2012 I was able to continue down this path, composing and remixing, making a name for myself as LEAF XCEED Music Division. I completed two compilation albums and one EP during that time, and was able to share my music to the world. Using my personal blog as my platform, I released tracks individually, feeling so accomplished with each track I made and excited to have them listened to, appreciated and most importantly, enjoyed. Those were the days, but just as everything continues to move forward and progress, so did I.

I stopped with the Website Releases formula, changed my alias, changed my headquarters and aimed even higher. I’m no longer going to release just songs, but albums. I’m no longer going to be one artist, I will be numerous.

And I no longer will do all of this alone. We’ll be showing the world what we can be.