[   a r t i s t   n e w s   |   r e l e a s e s   ]

Name: Ramon Roberto T. Nario
Birthday: February 14, 1993
Country: The Philippines
E-Mail: rtnario@yahoo.com.ph
Other Websites: N/A

If there was one absolute thing that got LEAF XCEED Music Division to gain an audience and be spread around the internet, it’s the video game music that was remixed into a metal style. Starting with HUZZAH in 2009 from the indie platforming hit Cave Story and continuing through various other unheard video game soundtracks of time long past to recent history, LEAF XCEED Music Division made its name taking these tracks and unleashing the power of melodies hidden within.

Of course, after the end of the Website Releases era and the transformation of LEAF XCEED Music Division into a weblabel instead of an individual artist name, I had to find a different identity that I’d use to continue down this path. No longer strictly limited to video game music but now open to metal remixes of all kinds as well as plenty of original material waiting to be finished, I will take the name referencing the most powerful sword of one of my childhood video games.

With the power of orchestrated dual-lead guitar melodies by my side, I will wield the DualBlade and continue searching for the melodies the world yearns to hear.


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