2’s complement

[   a r t i s t   n e w s   |   r e l e a s e s   ]

Name: Ramon Roberto T. Nario
Birthday: February 14, 1993
Country: The Philippines
E-Mail: rtnario@yahoo.com.ph
Other Websites: Last.fm

Among LEAF XCEED Music Division’s webography came a very few number of chiptune or techno tracks. In fact, I think I can count only three. The only original one was Little Bit, and the other two are 8-bit remixes of Adam Young’s hit song Fireflies and Panic! At The Disco’s Oh Glory.

Since then however, I wanted to make sure I had an output for every time I wanted to compose in that style. After all, one of my biggest inspirations aside from Japanese anime music and European metal was all those times I just listened to and appreciated the music coming out of my Game Boy. The Game Boy had so many wonderfully-composed tracks it surprises me to know that it never required any complicated instruments or passages — just the sound chip and its capabilities. It’s as if being limited to these sounds was exactly what gave the composers all the freedom in the world to utilize and vary them so intricately, a limit that unlocked the freedom of sound. I want to learn and understand that limit, so I myself can compose like the many great composers that inspired me to be who I am in the music world today.

2’s complement is a term I encountered during my studies. It represents the kind of chiptune and techno output that I want to pursue with this alias. Bloops and bleeps galore — look out for this artist for all your chiptune needs and fixes.