LEAF XCEED started out under a simpler name, LEAF, as the trademark or insignia I would personally place on all of my works of art, dating back to childhood hand-drawn comics and eventually animated cartoon slideshows. As time went by, LEAF turned into LEAF XCEED as the content matured, and also because I was joined by multiple friends who also wanted to contribute in terms of music, software, art, comics and even literature. However, most all the other kinds of content were not pursued under the brand, and what was left was my personal passion, music — hence, LEAF XCEED Music Division was and is the only one that persists.

It was in 2007 when I first started composing digital arrangements and compositions in the MIDI format, under the LEAF Music Division banner. Those were the roots of LEAF XCEED Music Division’s rise to a certain amount of prominence, since I eventually moved on to using a digital audio workstation to compose my music, which itself became more complex and far-reaching. Given a few years of consistency and growth, LEAF XCEED Music Division had gained fans on YouTube, Newgrounds and many other websites, where it was known mostly for video game remixes.

By the release of Website Releases II at the tail end of 2011, the consistency was lost due to other pursuits and endeavours, as well as planning for the next step LEAF XCEED Music Division was to take. In 2013, the official announcement was released that converted LEAF XCEED Music Division from being the moniker for my compositions to a full-fledged weblabel, expanding to other artists other than myself with the intention of building a community of passionate musicians headed towards the same end. This did not last long however, and conclusively in 2020 due to priorities and limitations, LEAF XCEED Music Division was reverted back into a single entity, and I would continue using this brand to release all my musical content under.

This reprioritization turned out to be advantageous, since after the release of Fragments of Time in 2014, life had taken its toll and there was just not enough time to pursue everything I would’ve wanted for LEAF XCEED. Instead I refocused efforts as an individual music artist, and have now composed multiple short film and game soundtracks, the most major of which would be the soundtrack to the bullet-hell shoot-em-up Good Knight on Steam as of this time. Things are looking good and I am working hard to keep sharing my music to the world.

Today, LEAF XCEED Music Division is all about the expression of music from or inspired by video games, and the bringing of all the unknown, unheard pieces of music and melodies back into the limelight for the world to hear.

LEAF XCEED Music Division intends to bring to you, the soundtrack of the underground, in its entirety for the world to hear, appreciate and enjoy.

– Ramon Nario