LEAF XCEED Music Division – Fragments Of Time

Fragments Of Time

[LXMD-0008] Full-length

192-320 kbps – Stereo
118 MB

1. Ashes (1:25)
2. Crimson Bloom (4:50)
3. One Step Ahead (3:37)
4. Salieri’s Laughter (4:46)
5. Live For Tomorrow (1:50)
6. On The Battlefield (1:32)
7. Questionable Origin (1:34)
8. Bloody Wolf (2:16)
9. Flame Man – Thermal Flare (2:31)
10. Light In Darkness (2:59)
11. Nibelung Valesti (1:45)
12. Storm Bringer (1:50)
13. Indigo Sea (3:15)
14. Maximum Security (2:41)
15. Happy Birthday (0:16)
16. Maverick Hunter X (1:10)
17. Abandoned Highway (1:45)
18. Threat (1:43)
19. Maverick Hunter Zero (1:36)
20. Challenger (0:49)
21. Interludio (1:24)
22. Interludio II (1:06)
23. Interludio III (1:00)
24. Prologue ~The Final Decisive Battle~ (1:22)
25. Eurasia City (2:24)
26. Rainbow Tylenol (1:51)
27. A Deadly Swordfight! (1:27)
28. Mario The Vampire Hunter (0:15)
29. Metal Man (1:42)
30. Blaze Heatnix (1:26)
31. Into The Dark Night (1:19)

[   d o w n l o a d   ]

[   a r t i s t   p a g e   ]


This album has been due for the longest time. I ask for no special indication or fanfare. This compilation contains those pieces of myself that I got to complete but never really got to show — songs that were never shown much light and songs that were never heard at all. Fragments of a time.

A compilation that includes miscellaneous tracks, three completed original compositions for the album that never was, Soundtrack Of The Underground, the unfinished Mega Man X remix project “X REBIRTH”, and my last tries at video game metal remixes through DualBlade, Fragments Of Time spans a number of years in my life that also show how I’ve progressed as a musician on the Internet (there ya go mr. counter). From past to present, start to finish, one can hear the aspirations of a time long gone and a future uncertain.

Paradigm shifts and data loss have complemented each other in being able to ask me where I want to take this from now on. I have to acknowledge that things which resonated with me in the past no longer resonate as strongly with me now, and that I need to find a place where my melodies will take me to again. Once upon a time I wrote about love being a fleeting melody, and now it makes even more sense to me — that even melodies can whisk themselves away.

I’m going to take a journey away from video game metal remixes and focus on newer pastures. Video games will always be one of the biggest inspirations for my music, and to show that, it doesn’t necessarily have to come with harmonizing guitars, power chords and double-bass drumming. I hope you enjoy these last few pieces, for I myself do not know when I’ll be composing in this style again. There are still ideas I wish to manifest into song, but I can’t make any promises of when they’ll be done or if they’ll come at all.

I can only promise that within the deepest depths of myself, my music will never die.

Thank you, and see you in the next release.
~Ramon Nario, LEAF XCEED Music Division

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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