Reform, Among Other Things

I’m fairly certain a tiny amount of people follow this site as of now, but since it’s been around half a year of silence, I’m going to give updates on what’s been happening.

I, as Ramon Nario aka rtnario, was not very satisfied with the way the weblabel was moving. I had been feeling as if there was something wrong with the direction I was trying to take this to, and the approaches towards it. This is my first time and experience running a weblabel so I tried to be as open as possible, which eventually led to me being dissatisfied due to the end result not being something I wanted LEAF XCEED Music Division to be. To use one of my preferred analogies, it’s your own canvas where you let others decide to paint it more than yourself.

Due to these realizations, I’m going to push F5 so to speak and reset the LEAF XCEED Music Division weblabel, in terms of its roster choice and my approach to composing under it. Part of that choice means having to ask my good friend Merlin, or ExoBassTix to leave the label so that both he and myself can pursue other aspirations more towards our passions, drives and interests.

We were able to talk about it and had an agreement in good faith with regards to the split and also as to how I’ll be dealing with his releases that made it on LEAF XCEED Music Division. His releases will still be counted as part of the official catalog to pay respect to his works, although in the near future once he has decided to find another place to re-release his singles, EPs and LPs, I will link them according to websites of his choosing.

In terms of the direction of the label, it took these realizations to find out what I wanted to have. LEAF XCEED Music Division will be a weblabel focused on what else but video game music or music inspired by video games. After all, it had been the very soul of LEAF XCEED Music Division prior to its conversion to becoming a weblabel, and also what inspires each and every one of my works. Also reflective of my vision, I will be prioritizing the unheard, the unplayed melodies that various video games have that need to be shown to the world.

There are too many good pieces of music found in obscure video games, waiting to be given new life and to be heard once more. This had been my philosophy when I started out on video game remixes, and I want to extend this vision not only to myself but to the potential future artists who feel the same way.

I will be continuously updating this website in the short break I have from school, but rest assured now that I have a clear direction which really came into view with the help of Merlin and others, LEAF XCEED Music Division will only continue to grow.


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