ExoBassTix – Mental Reboot

ExoBassTix is no longer under the LEAF XCEED Music Division weblabel. The downloads are unavailable until Merlin reuploads his previous releases on LEAF XCEED Music Division on a website of his choosing. Until then, the links below lead to his SoundCloud and his new label, Extra Dimension Records.


Mental Reboot

[LXMD-0006] Single

1. Mental Reboot
2. Mental Reboot (Hexadigital Remix)
3. Mental Reboot (Derpex Remix)

[   a r t i s t   p a g e   ]
[   l a b e l   ]


“I got severe learning problems, which caused me to fail on school last year. I go to a place called the CCL (Centre for Creative Learning) once per week (hopefully soon four times per week) to learn how to handle my problem, as there’s no way to get rid of it. The CCL, though, is currently in need for financial support, so they’re doing a fundraising congress on November 20st. I’m gonna be the opening act, performing my original track, to give the people a good start of the day (it’s gonna last pretty much the whole day, this congress), after which I will explain the people who I am, why I played this track, and what the CCL did for me to make it possible (goes very deep, can’t explain right now out of my head), this all to give the people their first dose of motivation to support the CCL. I’ll be there probably the rest of the day selling the CDs (not a lot of people will attend as the entry fee is already expensive, so I’m probably keeping to around 75 physical copies), of which the turnout will go directly to the CCL.
All money raised by this album will go directly to the CCL as well (FOREVEEEEEEER).

But I’ve said “album”. Yea, there are going to be remixes again. I do not know how many however. But I do know that they’re gonna be good, as I’ve heard a few already. So right now, I give you the original to listen to, and promise you a full package when this is gonna be released on November 20th, including the remixes.


~Merlijn “ExoBassTix” Visser

Album art by Conduit.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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