ExoBassTix – Don’t Let Me Go

ExoBassTix is no longer under the LEAF XCEED Music Division weblabel. The downloads are unavailable until Merlin reuploads his previous releases on LEAF XCEED Music Division on a website of his choosing. Until then, the links below lead to his SoundCloud and his new label, Extra Dimension Records.


Don't Let Me Go

[LXMD-0004] Full-length

320 kbps – Stereo
116 MB

1. Don’t Let Me Go (5:17)
2. Don’t Let Me Go (MYCUTIEMARKISAGUN Remix) (2:47)
3. Don’t Let Me Go (Hexadigital’s Yang Remix) (3:24)
4. Wanna Make You See (4:45)
5. Wanna Make You See (Captivated Remix) (4:35)
6. Wanna Make You See (Roderick Hawkins Bootleg) (4:55)
7. Your Fantasy (4:18)
8. Your Fantasy (Ryse Remix) (3:49)
9. Your Fantasy (Mr. Wassabi Remix) (5:05)
10. Beyond The Electric Fence (5:08)
11. Beyond The Electric Fence (Corroded Master’s Freedom In Incarceration Mix) (3:58)

[   a r t i s t   p a g e   ]
[   l a b e l   ]


This is my second official release. It contains my first 4 Hands Up tracks, along with 7 remixes of them by others. The remixes are Drum ‘N’ Bass, Progressive House, UK Hardcore, Trap, Electro-Industrial, and Ambient.

Album Credits:
ExoBassTix – tracks (1, 4, 7, 10)
Hexadigital – remix (3)
Captivated – remix (5)
Roderick Hawkins – bootleg (6)
Ryse – remix (8), album artwork
Mr. Wassabi – remix (9)
Corroded Master – remix (11)

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.


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