Website Releases II

Website Releases II

192 kbps – Stereo
101 MB

1. Once Upon A December (2:40)
2. Summer Breeze (1:32)
3. Murmurs In The Wind (2:01)
4. Tomorrow’s Dawn (2:49)
5. Cerulean Tears (3:27)
6. Winter Night’s Journey (Through The Storm) (4:44)
7. Path Of Ruin (2:29)
8. Wind Valley (2:24)
9. Luminarium Nova (1:47)
10. Never Forget (1:41)
11. Forest Labyrinth (1:29)
12. The End Of 1000 Years (1:57)
13. Greener Greens (1:25)
14. Death’s Embrace (2:26)
15. Universal Rift (3:45)
16. For Alexandria (1:42)
17. Clockwork Sky (1:25)
18. Time For My Tea (1:30)
19. The Eclipse Of Time (6:34)
20. Peter’s Kite (1:38)
21. First Day High: School Is Magic (3:56)
22. Amazon Moon (1:44)
23. Wherever The Wind Takes Me (2:22)
24. Interludio (1:24)
25. The King’s Commandment (4:42)
26. 8-Bit Glory (3:01)
27. Dear You [ver. XCEED] (4:45)

[   d o w n l o a d   ]

This is a 2013 re-release of the original Website Releases II on the LEAF XCEED Music Division label. No modifications to the main album content have been done, except for the removal of the bonus content (the Soundtrack Of The Underground EP) and proper ID3 tags. The original Website Releases II is still intact at its original release page.

After the success of the original Website Releases, Website Releases II started out aiming to be a major improvement on the quality of compositions and remixing. There is much less emphasis on remixes on this album however — in fact there are a great number of original compositions that’re genres far away from the previously established trademark video game power metal sound.

When there are remixes, they’ve been worked on with much more detail and attention to the nuances that made the original tracks great. Arguably the best remix ever to come out of LEAF XCEED Music Division, The Eclipse Of Time, can be found here along with the Secret Of Mana remix Death’s Embrace and the Final Fantasy IX remix For Alexandria.

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