320 kbps – Stereo
5 MB

1. Chiptown (2:10)

[   d o w n l o a d   ]
[   l o s s l e s s   ]

***7.8.2020 2’S COMPLEMENT is an old moniker, and releases have been adjusted to reflect LEAF XCEED Music Division as the proper artist***

Say hello to 2’s complement! From hereon out this’ll be my output alias for any techno/trance/chiptune works of mine, and this first single of 2’s complement was created as a sample for what’s to come. Of course, as a sample, there’ll be plenty more to offer, but until then enjoy the video game music-inspired chiptune piece that’ll welcome you back to your familiar home town.

Don’t forget to heal your party, stock up on items and check out new quests.


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