Divide, Attain & Conquer – 2’s complement & ExoBassTix

If you’re here reading this post without having prior context, as in you don’t know anything about LEAF XCEED Music Division, you can find all the backstory you need for this post right here. The short version of it is that LEAF XCEED Music Division, starting with the launch of this Official Release Website has been converted into a weblabel — I will no longer release music under the name but will use other aliases each with their own genres.

While there are plenty of aliases I already fully plan on using ( the list is in that backstory post ), for this early launch I will present the one that’s most different and unexpected. This is 2’s complement, my alias for all my chiptune and techno works.


You can visit its Artist Roster page over here, and as for how the music sounds like, I will release a single very soon that’ll tell you what 2’s complement is all about 🙂

However, that’s not really big news since it’s something I could’ve done back in rtnario HQ. This here’s the more notable of the new artists added to the current roster of LEAF XCEED Music Division:


Presenting: ExoBassTix. Hailing from the Netherlands, ExoBassTix has been producing his own brands of music of several genres not limited to drum n’ bass, trance, house and hardcore. Before I recognized him as such though, I always knew him as one of the listeners who followed my Cave Story remixes. As such, when he heard of my initial plans to turn LEAF XCEED Music Division into a weblabel, he was the first who asked to join, and the first official external artist to successfully do so.

Just like 2’s complement, ExoBassTix will be releasing a single at the same time, wherein you’ll be able to hear what he’s made of. More information on his Artist Roster page.

I completely look forward to this new addition and partnership, and the music that we’ll both be able to share unto an eager audience.


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